Tuesday, December 30, 2008

AEA Humor Session with Preston McAfee

Greg Mankiw, via Yoram Bauman informs:
The (first-ever!) American Economic Association humor session will take place Saturday Jan 3rd from 8-9 pm in the Hilton San Francisco (333 O'Farrell Street), rooms Golden Gate 1 and 2. The event is free and open to the public; Preston McAfee (CalTech) will be presiding, with speakers including Peter Orazem (Iowa State), Rob Oxoby (Univ of Calgary), and Yoram Bauman. There will also be an award for the funniest paper of 2008.
I almost wish I'd cut my break in half to go back to Berkeley in time to see this. Preston McAfee (my former research mentor at Caltech) is the funniest academic I've ever met. If you are in the area, definitely be sure to go. And in the meantime, read his satirical counterfactual analysis American Economic Growth and the Voyage of Columbus. And if you ever need a really good principles textbook for free, read his at introecon.com.