Friday, January 16, 2009

Picasa for mac!

Oh how long I have waited for you... Even though it works fine with Parallels already, this is so much more convenient. Download now:

Admittedly, I have not tried iPhoto in iLife 9, but there's no way iPhoto could make up for the galaxy-sized gap between itself and Picasa with one update. Mac just refuses to catch on that people are not idiots and actually don't like it when software insists on reorganizing their stuff for them, especially in obfuscating and useless ways. Stick with google products.

(Caveat: Unless you're in my mom's computer-literacy generation. Ie, you still haven't gotten the hang of single- versus double-clicking, and you have no earthly idea what the difference between hard drive memory and RAM is.)

Edit: First bug report (it is a beta version, after all). Uploading slideshow videos to youtube fails (something about the format - while .movs usually work with youtube, not even manually uploading a picasa-created video to youtube works.) But the kinks will get worked out and overall it's working perfectly smoothly.