Thursday, February 5, 2009

econ/math blogs?

Any economists have advice for me? Here is the quandary:

As particularly evident during the current (vicious condescending personal-attack-riden intelligence-insulting) blogworld stimulus debates, there's sort of a Brad DeLong / Paul Krugman et al blogger camp, and a Tyler Cowen / Greg Mankiw et al blogger camp, and a third camp of more carefree bloggers of interesting random economics observations, like Freakonomics and Al Roth. But I really don't enjoy reading Brad DeLong or Paul Krugman (for aesthetic, not ideological, reasons). So who is a good replacement from that blog category? I don't want to call it the "liberal blogger" category, since it's really not a left-right issue, but that's sort of how it's currently manifesting. And well, no one ever has to hesitate to put Krugman in a "liberal blogger" box.

And any mathematicians know any good math blogs that have a significant fraction of their content accessible to someone who has effectively forgotten their math degree, or at least the accompanying lexicon?

While we're on the subject of blogs, these are my current econ blog favorites, in case you haven't seen them:
The Economist's Free Exchange would make the list if they included author names. It's not that I want to abandon objective discussion by making things personal; I think keeping faces on things actually helps with objectivity (and maybe more relevantly, memory.)


nekrenas said...

I think Free Exchange's Washington correspondent is Greg Ip, isn't it? And that's the most frequent blogger. Maybe there's more than one Washington correspondent though.

You might try Mark Thoma's Economist's View.

For another libertarian economics blog, I like Econlog, but that's just because I really liked Bryan Caplan's book, the Myth of the Rational Voter.

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