Wednesday, February 25, 2009


With my old version of Safari plagued by sudden death syndrome for the last week or so, the Safari 4 release was right on time. And it is SUCH an improvement, and FAST (no really). I haven't been able to stomach using Firefox in OSX since it stalls incessantly and doesn't allow you to type anything new while it's solemnly pondering your last click, so thank god Safari now also has such boneheadedly obvious features as the smart address bar which have been standard in Firefox for ages. And apparently it copied the "top pages" feature from Chrome/Opera, although it only figures out your favorites for you instead of letting you set them. (Perfectly in line with Mac's consistent philosophy of patronization. It would bug me but I won't be using that feature much anyway.)

So, altogether highly recommended, except for the fact that some knucklehead decided to make it impossible to open ALL links in new tabs by default, rather than new windows (although you can open all links in other applications in tabs...). Why......

Download here!

Addendum: To force all links to open in tabs (yay!), run the following command: "defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true". And not really related, but I'm tired of googling this over and over so I should write it down, if internet stops working in Parallels desktop, run "sudo killall -hup pvsnatd" and re-enable the connection.