Thursday, June 11, 2009

introverted traveling

Awhile ago marginalrevolution posted two fun links, how introverts travel and how introverts should travel. They were nice to read in their vindication of my view that traveling is not just about meeting people and getting into crazy (often drunken) circumstances that will make a nice On the Road style short story when you get home. I generally prefer traveling alone, and observing new people and situations, rather than making a slew of best-friends-of-the-moment.

(Although when I serendipitously land in a hostel with a French girl desperate to distract herself from her personal problems and a Russian pianist overly enthralled with someone who is overly enthralled with his accent, or a campsite with an overzealous Abalone fisherman, lonely German 20-something road traveler, and boy+uncle who traded mechanical advice to a Mexican for something they never quite established was not oregano but damnit they were going to smoke it out of a tin foil pipe all night and cook a BBQ for the rest of the campground anyway, I go along for the ride for awhile. And then go hide in my tent.)

Anyway, I'm about to attempt motorcycle road-tripping with one of those baffling people (unlike my best friend, previous boyfriends, and family, ie all former travel companions) who says hi to a stranger and five minutes later they know each others' life stories and are trading email addresses because lo and behold they both love the same hole in the wall bar in Dar es Salaam. This should be exciting.