Saturday, September 12, 2009

sluggishness and urgency

Woke up to a cold rainy day today. I was instantly un-tempted by the possibility of football and tailgating, or a barbecue with old college friends, two possible alternatives to catching up on homework and RA work all day. In fact there's really not much of anything I want to do besides stay home, and not much of anything to do at home besides work. The opportunity cost of homework collapsed.

Yet I'm less inclined to do it anyway. Who wants to get energized for deep thinking when it's so dreary? And besides, having to pass up on fun is great motivation to work hard, so that just maybe you'll have time for both or at least not have to pass it up in the future. But now the urgency is gone.

So instead I lazily muse about how these two factors might influence aggregate economic outcomes.

And then hit the limit of a reasonable amount of musing in the medium of blogs, and decide to get back to work...