Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When did overconsumption stop being shameful?

Simultaneously in the "Vera is getting a head start both on being a crazy old cat lady and a crotchety grandpa who loves to moan about the decline of civilization" series and the "David Brooks adulation" series, here's one more you should definitely read and take to heart.

And then stop giving me such a hard time about being cheap wisely frugal. (More on the virtue of stingyness coming post-midterms.)


Jennifer (Vera's cousin) said...

Maybe the whole frugality thing depends on your demographics. EVERYONE I know is making huge efforts towards being more frugal, to the point where frugal is really hip right now in Mpls. But everyone I know also has young kids at home, so I think that demographics play an important role in that. Kudos to you for discovering frugality at such a young age; wish I would have. Oh well better late than never.

Overconsumption officially STARTED being shameful when GWB made his "save America by shopping" speech in 2001. I don't know what Brooks is talking about.

somebody said...