Thursday, April 15, 2010

experiences vs stuff

Experiences are more satisfying because they shape who we are, they are relived in memories for the rest of our lives, they add friendships and stories and ideas and context to everything else we do.

Buying stuff (unless it's a middleman to buying an experience - books, motorcycles, cats, telescopes, etc...) only satisfies some ephemeral impulsive desire, which half the time is a misguided attempt to emulate who you want to be seen as or to put a bandaid on the true source of your dissatisfaction. Of course that's not as satisfying.

That's why I prefer to be super stingy in my everyday life and spend the savings on campground fees and plane tickets, and give/receive gifts of activities rather than things. Going to a Mariner's baseball game on my 10th birthday (and skipping church to do it! *gasp*) stands out in my memory more than anything I asked Santa Claus for.