Friday, May 7, 2010

NASA pilot Triple Nickel

Triple Nickel is probably the coolest person I know. He's a NASA pilot who trains the space shuttle pilots and last summer got to fly a 747 with space shuttle Atlantis riding piggyback from Columbus AFB in Mississippi back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (He also taught me everything I know about amateur astronomy along with some other great folks from the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society, rides an awesome motorcycle, and grills the best steak I've ever tasted.)

Anyway, he wrote about that flight in a very exciting letter to the JSCAS mailing list, and it apparently went viral, for good reason. Read it, all the way through, I guarantee it's three minutes very well spent. And here's the pdf version with some more pictures from the JSCAS newsletter Starscan. And here's a video of the landing!

I love science.

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