Friday, May 14, 2010


Three random things that I really love from the New York Times (opinion section):

Bill Hayes, who has been writing a series of columns relating to insomnia. Beautiful writer. This latest piece literally makes me ache to return to New York, the most perfect city in the world for all its standard appeals, but more importantly for the gritty details and cultural quirks that most people try to ignore.

Ben Schott's vocab blog. Utterly delicious for word nerds. My recent favorite is "durchmerkeln", the German word for "to muddle your way through something". It comes from "durch" meaning "through", "Merkel", the name of Germany's recently-notorious Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the n at the end makes it a verb.

Steven Strogatz's series on mathematics for the layman is consistently very cute and explains things with intuitive analogies that are often new to me.

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