Friday, June 4, 2010

feed the homeless and reduce waste

Berkeley has a bread factory. Behind the bread factory is a dumpster that is designated only for the surplus bread they have to throw out and which smells pleasantly like fermenting yeast rather than, well, a dumpster. In the dumpster every evening is a giant heap of unbelievably delicious bread, still in their packages, free for the taking. I don't even like bread usually, and would certainly never spend $5 for one of these loaves, but this gourmet crusty sourdough stuff is so good it's probably going to start comprising about half of my diet. For free.

The important point though is that this is a massive quantity of perfectly good delicious food going to waste in a town with a very high homeless (but apparently not anywhere near starving...) population. And these people regularly accost anyone leaving a store or restaurant asking for a handout. So don't bother feeling guilty, don't bother throwing money at the problem, solve two problems at once by giving them the address to the local bread factory.

(I know I have a reputation for being inordinately cheap economically prudent, but this isn't just me talking; I know quite a few other people who are completely normal and not nearly destitute who are just as excited about this. And it's even in a book by a local resident.)

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