Friday, September 17, 2010


For the last two weeks or so, I haven't had internet access at home, since we moved and they're changing our internet type. It's been interesting.

I haven't blogged, read google reader, checked my email compulsively, got lost in wikipedia, twittered, looked at facebook, downloaded tons of papers, or any other typical internet-based activity that normally eats up a majority of my day. And it's really nice.

I HAVE read half of a long novel I've been meaning to read for over a year, worked out some social-preferences theory-diddling with pencil and paper, gone to school to work in my actual office four out of five days this week (primarily to use the internet... but still), gone running the last three days, felt no hesitation about going backpacking out of cell range for three nights this weekend (I can just bring a notebook and remain productive!) and most importantly, felt like my brain was only thinking about one or two things at a time at any given point. Such serenity!

I've also kept a post-it note on my laptop with a list of things I needed to do on the internet next time I'm on campus, and you know, when you go through a list like that systematically, it somehow takes a fraction of the time it would if you did them as they came up.

So, next Wednesday when we get our new internet connection, I'm vowing to uninstall google notifier and only check email a couple times a day rather than every time a new one pings me, unsubscribe from about half of the blogs I currently read regularly, turn off the computer and read a real book every night, don't do any stupid online errands when I think of them, but put them on a list to be dealt with all at once in an efficient manner at a later specified time, keep the web browser closed by default, stay away from facebook, go work in the wilderness more often, and keep running every day (ok that last one will never happen in a million years, but good intentions are half the battle right? no? darn...)

Yes, I understand the irony of proclaiming this online. I don't think blogging is a habit I have any hope of permanently breaking...

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