Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eppur Si Muove

So many times I've taken people out for their first time to look through a telescope, and when they take a first peek they complain "I think something is broken, everything keeps moving, I can't hold it still..."

"That's the Earth. It's rotating."


It's amazing how something we've known since early childhood can be so mindblowing to witness.

A little less mindblowing, just because we see it daily on a time lapse basis, is the movement of shadows. But it's still pretty darn cool to see in fast-forward. This (incredibly awesome, stolen from Dan, thank you =) video is 3 1/2 days compressed into 12 minutes and during the day I first thought "huh what is that big piece of equipment slowly moving across the construction side" before realizing it was a shadow of the building. Pretty cool.


JohnRaymond said...

Rats, the video is already gone.

Vera said...

oops, ok I put the original video link there instead.