Sunday, November 7, 2010

blogs should be on point?

Various blogs I read periodically offer "advice" to "serious" bloggers (the one who have delusions of riches). And they all start with "pick a subject, and write about that subject, all the time." Is it just me or is that really terrible advice? Blogs about specific subjects get tiring really quickly and I only stay subscribed to them for a couple months. But my favorites are really varied, even if the posts superficially relate back to a common theme. Marginal Revolution, NYT Opinion (ok that's not a blog, but same principle...), Freakonomics, Penelope Trunk, and Steven Landsburg are probably my favorites right now (and have been for ages and ages) and they all fall in that category.

I think people's interests are usually correlated well enough that some variety will attract more people than it bores.

I guess the exception is for blogs that are a source of news. I will stay subscribed to the Fifth Down football blog, the Farnam Street behavioral econ blog that mostly posts new research, an amateur astronomy event blog (if I can find a good one...) and a news blog (again, if I can find a good one that isn't all commentary and only posts the major headlines...)

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