Tuesday, November 16, 2010

weird obsessions are interesting

Yes yes yes yes yes!

Yeah, I'm very biased, since I have some really eclectic nonstandard hobbies, and am bored to tears by smalltalk of fancy food, fashion, decorating, conspicuously-highbrow anything, etc. But I also love hearing from anyone else who is passionate and knowledgeable about something unusual. If you're genuinely excited about something, chances are I'll be happy to have you talk my ear off.

Actually, that's probably the real difference between those dull "sophisticated" people and the interesting obsessive ones. If someone is genuinely and openly excited about some obscure Russian author, or about fermenting their own sauerkraut and cheese curds, or anything else that would be incredibly tedious in the context of quippy smalltalk, I'd love to hear about it. It's just the manner of acting that goes with sophistication that is dull.

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