Friday, December 31, 2010

new beginnings

The human mind is naturally an integrator, rather than a compartmentalizer. Life runs together in a continuous, albeit turbulent, river of experience, passing seamlessly from context to context with nothing fundamentally changed besides the arrangement of the same waves of thoughts. Our tendency towards abstract thought, induction and generalization, forces us to cling to every current of life, weaving those experiences and conclusions into a consistent broader story of self.

This serves as a friction against change. Personal evolution must trickle slowly in and habits are agonizingly difficult to drop once and for all. And so we invent discontinuities in our experiences in order to trigger perceived discontinuities in everything else, manipulating our minds into separate channels. We move to new places to forget the habits learned somewhere else, we leave lovers with whom we've entrenched ourselves in unhealthy ruts, we change our haircuts when we want to change our personalities. Somehow, somewhere in the mysterious chasms of the mind, these things have a real effect.

So here's to the most universally observed false discontinuity. Happy New Years.

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