Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go Beavers!

Caltech just ended it's 26-year, 310 game men's basketball conference losing streak, beating Occidental 55-54.

Since winning their last conference game against LaVerne in 1985, Caltech faculty and alumni have won nine nobel prizes.

In 2007, they broke their 12 year, 207 game NCAA losing streak. That year they had more high school valedictorians (8) on their team than former high school basketball players (6), which was actually a big improvement from 2. In 2006, the documentary Quantum Hoops was made about their epic streak. If you love nerds (or laughing at nerds...), go download that movie from your favorite torent site now.

The women's basketball team ended their season 0-25, but it looks like women's volleyball got one win in their season. I've been nostalgically rooting for them since my single college sports experience of attending a women's volleyball game that the university had bribed the student body to attend with a huge free barbecue outside the gym, since they thought they might have a chance with enough crowd support. They lost, but it was delicious, and the stands were probably almost half full. I think we even had a mascot and some cheerleaders. Male ones, of course.


Anonymous said...

". . . probably almost half full." Excellent phrase!!!

JohnRaymond said...

Hahahahaha! That form of fun and humor is SOOO far off the radar map of OSU. If only a few more people would get that here. I'm aiming to set what is probably an OSU record of its faculty: to never attend any sports event of any kind the entire term of service. I've made it almost 20 years already... without any effort at all. Should be a piece of cake.