Sunday, February 20, 2011

the moral crusade against foodies

This article is hilarious throughout. I don't exactly agree with every thread, but I find them all amusing regardless.

My own aversion to foodism (not clearly enumerated in that link, but nonetheless) is twofold. First, the pursuit of status seems to be the motive for foodism as often or more than genuine enjoyment. Second, it's infused with a defensiveness that results in completely ridiculous scientific and moral reasoning fads-of-the-moment, with all the validity of weight-loss commercials.

The Atlantic article further points out that this moral defensiveness is flagrantly hypocritical and contradictory as well. I wouldn't necessarily attribute those qualities to any particular niche group of foodies, though; aggregating opposing views under one label of course makes the labelled group seem contradictory. Hence my original caveat: the article is spectacularly entertaining but take things with a grain of himalayan pink salt.

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