Thursday, March 17, 2011

bleeding heart libertarians

In case you missed it on MR and various other places, this new blog is great. It's always nice to hear from libertarians who don't deny that the world doesn't always reflect an idealized theoretical model and who don't exclusively rely on moralistic reasoning (from a property-rights-above-all-else foundation) in their political philosophy.

Most libertarian discussion falls into one of two categories: either it takes place in a heterogenous population and quickly devolves into a bitter debate about fundamental values and assumptions, or it takes place in a exclusively libertarian crowd and quickly devolves into a ludicrously extreme set of normative proclamations that much of the world would use as reductio ad absurdum arguments against classical liberalism.

A middle ground where libertarian values are taken for granted as the starting point but that acknowledges the subtlety and complexity of real-world issues is a breath of fresh air.

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Sam said...

I'll have a look, and follow :)