Monday, March 21, 2011

the executive branch

Given what a scandal the Iraq war turned into, and what outrage there was over Bush-Cheney's unilateral decision to commit the country to more than a decade of violence, and given how forcefully Obama personally was against the Iraq war, it is fairly stunning and extremely disheartening that he would allow the same kind of unilateral decision making with regard to Libya.

It's also perpetually disheartening that the civil rights abuses (privacy and due process) induced by the Patriot Act have continued unabated since Obama took office, and yet the left has mysteriously shut up about it. This was something they were absolutely right to get up in arms about under Bush, and they should absolutely still be up in arms about it now. Not to mention the right, who claim to want the government off their backs, but somehow didn't see a problem with this totalitarian move in the first place.

Did I mention I hate partisan politics? So many people say they hate partisan politics, but those who are in one of the two relevant parties have very different revealed preferences.


Anonymous said...

Did I mention that I am a member of the "right" (for you who dislike "partisan politics"). As a member of the "right" group, a member of the "conservative" movement, a student of history, a believer in First Amendment rights, etc, you need to know that my very first concern after 9/11 was the loss of the above because of the knee-jerk reaction humans so often display when attacked (rightly so in many respects). However, little thought is given to the long-term affects of taking away said rights for the "protection of the people as a whole". It only takes one lone totalitarian-minded person to benefit from acts such as the "patriot act". So, did I mention that I hate partisan politics? Is it not possible for the "conservative right" to have grave and valid concerns over the loss of our First (and other) Amendment rights? Where is the noble, lofty, and arrogant left who continue to be silent about the civil rights abuses? Do they see the long-term benefits to the "Patriot Act"? Perhaps shutting up those with whom they disagree in the name of "protecting our rights"? Hmmm...

Vera said...

right or left, I hope they all speak up, not just when their enemy is in power.