Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I don't understand social networking

Does anyone actually use twitter for news, rather than to promote twitter and/or themselves as a platform for news?

And does anyone actually use quora to find answers to questions, rather than to promote themselves as answerers of questions?

And does anyone actually use linkedin to find jobs or contacts, rather than as a personal advertisement / to demonstrate your linked-in-ness? Are those things one and the same?

These are supposed to be such Big Things that demonstrate the importance of social networking (twitter especially) but I don't really see them being used except for the sake of using them... (unlike facebook, blogs, etc.)

Am I misguided in thinking the userbase is the correct measure of importance? Maybe it's the ubiquity of those little sidebar boxes with tweets pertaining to the subject of the page / tv newscast / etc.? (Am I in the minority in finding those not much less irritating than youtube comments?) Or the availability of answers in google, or the availability of contact information for industry professionals?


JohnRaymond said...

I'm still trying to figure out LinkedIn too. To date I haven't seen anything that is truly of benefit to anybody, except as you say for showing their Linked-in-ness (good word!). Still, just today, I joined a LInkedIn group: the OSU Foreign Languages Alumni group, created by a guy who promotes OSU through the Alumni Assoc from his current home in Staten Island, NY. I don't have great expectations, but I'm open to any amazing or pleasant surprises...

Vera said...

yeah i'd be really surprised if it became a useful tool beyond a very rudimentary online directory of professionals... but hey you never know. i cant believe twitter took off either, even if primarily among people who are just using it to self-promote and follow their friends who are also busily self-promoting 140 characters at a time. new-and-improved narcissism, not from concentrate! either that or just using it as facebook-lite.