Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vera Lynn

When I first saw this on my facebook news feed, I thought it was personalized advertising, and I laughed at the fact that my name itself was enough of a reason to target me with this (as though I could possibly have gone a month, let alone 25 years*, without having the conversation 'Hi I'm Vera' 'Oh like the Pink Floyd song!'**, rendering this infomercial unnecessary).

Then I realized that it's just a coincidental post by a page I apparently 'liked', and I laughed at how cynical the modern ad-driven world has made me that I assume everything I see has been specially selected with the intention of selling me something.

*Doesn't it annoy the crap out of you when people switch the order of things in a `let alone' statement? like that awful song that was on the radio all the time when I was in high school with the line `let's go and see the stars, the milky way, or even mars', as though, after travelling hundreds of thousands of light-years around the galaxy, the one last barely-attainable goal is to stop next door on a red pebble. I've finally come around to accepting that the `could care less' thing could be a vestige of sarcasm, but I can't understand the `let alone' thing except as product of ignorance or verbal carelessness.

**or `hey that's my grandma's name!' Or, in certain circles that I rarely frequent, `like Vera Wang!' I've sadly never gotten a `like Vera Rubin!'***

***This blog post has clearly ceased to have a clear purpose, if it ever had one to begin with.

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