Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Death Valley

What to do when you have a four-day weekend but the Sierras are snowed under? Backpacking in Death Valley! Where the weather is sunny and beautiful exactly when everything else isn't, and the landscape hides a cornucopia of treasures to satisfy the most voracious wilderness junkie.

First you can go for a hike on some sand dunes:

Then, the badlands:

And an enormous plain of salt boulders:

And canyonlands:

And even some snow-capped mountaintops, towering twice the height of the grand canyon above the valley below:

It doesn't get better than that. And did I mention you can camp anywhere, for free, without a permit, as long as you're at least 2 miles from the paved road? And that the park is huge?


Gerard Cahill said...

How would you get out to these places to explore them, do you need a chopper.

Vera said...

with a car you can get within 7 miles of each of the places shown here, and then you just need your feet :) There are access roads (mostly high clearance, but my chevy cavalier handled them fine as long as I was really careful) all over the park.

Rebecca te Velde said...

Spectacular! Had you been there before? I'm guessing you'll be going back!

Vera said...

I was there for about 12 hours in the middle of July in 2006. It was 95 degrees at 3am (only time I've been too hot stargazing) and we left at 10:30am when it was already 117 degrees. It was more enjoyable in November...