Friday, January 27, 2012

Unix's PR problem

(I love Linux, and highly recommend it to anyone, now that it's so trouble-free, so don't interpret this in any way to the contrary :)

A friend of mine said this to me and I died laughing, as did several other people at my book club last night, so I thought the broader world might appreciate it too.

redactedomg using unix comp [at school] so horrible
Vera: why?
redactedit popped up command line after i figured out how to log in
redactedand i had no idea of any commands or how to open the internet to look up commands
redactediw as about to text you but we're underground
redactedso i pulled out my "welcome" packet and ended up typing in man -k internet | less
redactedand then it scrolled and a weird message appeared and every button i pressed made the computer beep loudly and do nothing
redactedso in a panic after many minutes i just closed the command window with the little x button
redactedand then i couldnt figure out how to re-open or even how to log off. so i just stared at this blank screened computer
redactedyou could make a movie out of it

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