Wednesday, February 29, 2012

truer interpretations of atlas shrugged, part n+1

Karl Smith puts it well:
Hank Rearden says he only cares about making money but this is an obvious lie. Like most male obsessives he cares about steel and about women who care about steel and about nothing else.  
If he made money, so be it. If not, so be it. If metallurgy made you a billionaire he’d be a billionaire. If it made you a homeless crank, he’d be a homeless crank. 
That’s the way obsession works. 
What pisses him off is not taking away his money, its taking away his metal. 
Its funny that intuitively folks pick up on that but then in an effort to defend egoism make up this story about loving money that is actually both less accurate and less compelling.
 It's about personal responsibility, not money grubbing. 

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agriculture investment said...

Very good point about Hank. He was more of a classic obsessive than a guy obsessed with money!