Friday, April 13, 2012


How famous and pre-respected do you have to be for the following not to be immediately translated and dismissed as "I don't think before I talk and I take no responsibility for what I say":
There is no one right way to experience what I’ve written. 
I write — and talk — in order to find out what I think. 
But that doesn’t mean “I” “really” “think” that. It only means that is my-thought-when-writing (or when- talking). If I’d written another day, or in another conversation, “I” might have “thought” differently. 
This is what I meant when I said Thursday evening to that offensive twerp who came up after that panel at MoMA to complain about my attack on [the American playwright Edward] Albee: “I don’t claim my opinions are right,” or “just because I have opinions doesn’t mean I’m right.”
(Not that I don't understand and agree with what she's saying; I do. But who of lesser status than Susan Sontag can say so?) 

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