Saturday, June 30, 2012


Read this whole thing.

This also explains why more and more people are shouting that a college education is a "right". Because high school education is already a "right" but it no longer is all that helpful. College is taking the place of high school.

(So those people should be shouting for higher standard in high school education, not more free education, which will certainly follow the same path of falling standards...)


Anonymous said...

"Anybody can raise standards; the trick is to improve performance." - Bill Turpen

And darned if I can remember the source but I did read something align the lines of: America has the finest high school system in the world; it is unfortunate that it is conducted in its universities.

Vera L. te Velde said...

yeah I used to love that quote, but I'm not so sure it's true anymore... I certainly haven't seen too many instances of teachers/schools just saying, ok, we have high expectations, and if you don't meet them, too bad. Sometimes at places like OSSM where students *choose* to go. Certainly nowhere that doesn't have an implicit backup option. It's as though, rather than kids having a right to four years of high school education if they so choose to make the most of it, society has the obligation to grant anyone who shows up a diploma. Pretty backwards.

On the other hand, most kids tend to live up to expectations. If parents, schools, society, etc, were all unanimous in their expectations of working hard in high school and mastering useful skills and not sleepwalking through those years of free education, I'm guessing most of them would. (Case in point: even kids who are really struggling at OSSM, and who didn't want to go there in the first place, don't just give up. Everyone around them is expecting them not to.) So maybe improving performance is the easier thing, merely a consequence of raising expectations.

Denise Robinson said...

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