Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Linus Torvalds was right to call it an unholy mess.

Even worse, not only is it an unholy mess, it's an unholy mess you have no control over. Instead of being highly configurable, as linux and linux software is usually designed to be, every design choice was a paternalistic executive decision that you can't change if you don't agree or if you have different needs from the limited set of uses they had in mind (except by digging into the code, of course.)

They want to "encourage" certain ways of interacting with your computer, which is even worse than the Apple design philosophy. At least that philosophy limits your freedom for the sake of the unsophisticated masses that their products are directed at. Gnome3 tries to limit the freedom of linux users.

Hah! Good luck with that. When you're done, I have a herd of cats you can have some fun corralling.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a Gnome3 Classic theme (I gave Shell a chance; it is persistently infuriating) that looks like Gnome2, please let me know. I find the high contrast black aesthetically offensive and depressing, and both bars are way too thick.  (That is, a GTK+ theme, I think... Whichever one of the six kinds of themes controls the taskbar and top menu colors...)

(But at least after upgrading the Wheezy, my SD card reader, external monitor, Wifi driver, and suspend functionality all work perfectly... <3 Debian.)


Nicholas Ma said...

That's more or less the Gnome design philosophy in a nutshell. They actively remove options because of how they feel users "should" be using their computer, and have rejected many patches that aim to add such functionality. If you're not a fan of how Gnome looks, may way to consider KDE.

Anonymous said...

All of your cats follow you everywhere....