Monday, September 10, 2012

not actually so comical

15% of Ohio GOPers believe Mitt Romney deserves more credit than the president for the killing of bin Laden; 47% aren't sure.

Yeah, that's pretty hilarious. And of course that doesn't mean 62% of Ohio GOPers actually believe that. But don't dismiss the importance so fast! Think what it implies for the validity of polling statistics for other, serious questions...

People do what they think they are supposed to do based on their group identities and group norms, or they infer the expected choice from the question itself. Asking the question at all suggests it's a question worth asking, and for GOPers, of course then the answer is Romney. They aren't entirely stupid, so most hedge that by saying 'not sure'.

I'm sure it works on Democrats too (ask them about markets/incentives...) Group identity is powerful.

*I'm more interested in those 47%: 15% is well within the 'not paying attention/don't care' margin for surveys...

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JohnRaymond said...

Was it Churchill who said democracy is the worst of government (except for all the others...). It really strikes home when you read poll results like this, that is, if these people are as skewed in their thinking when they walk into a voting booth.