Monday, October 15, 2012

Al Roth matched correctly

One of my favorite economists won the Nobel Prize today. Al Roth (along with Lloyd Shapley) won for his incredibly cool work on matching and mechanism design. If you've read about school choice in New York City, matching medical school graduates with residencies, or chains of kidney donations up to 60 donors long that overcome the problem in which willing donors (friends and relatives of the recipient, usually) aren't a match, you've read about his work. Heroically awesome applications of game theory, is how you might summarize it. (Take that, Ariel.)

Plus, he's a really nice guy. And he writes an excellent blog.

Shapley is also obviously a fantastic choice; he's already an icon of the profession. I blogged about the Gale-Shapley algorithm previously (which forms the foundation of many mechanisms designed by Roth.)

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