Wednesday, December 26, 2012

there is an upside

(to the flyover states.)

Today I took a direct (¡I didn't know those existed!) flight to Oklahoma City from San Francisco. Everyone waiting at the gate was noticeably friendlier, chattier, dressed in cheesier Christmas garb, and more pleasantly accented, than the rest of the airport. When's the last time you heard Californians or New Yorkers laugh jollily at their shared conundrum of having their Christmas day flight delayed almost three hours, thereby missing out on late dinners with family, for inexplicable reasons? That level of good-naturedness just doesn't exist on the coasts...

As always, I got off the plane, and grinned upon seeing (I somehow always forget) the bathrooms labelled "tornado shelters" and ubiquitous cowboy hats. Ok, that much is my own personal nostalgia... but surely friendly agreeableness is universally considered a positive attribute.

And now back to a bitchy coastal tone of speech that I have to adopt to finish this post. (It's become too ingrained; sorry...)

I am so sick of hearing people who have never spent any time in the midwest/south, born-and-bred northeasterners mostly, say, with crinkled noses, "I can't stand that southern accent... I just can't take anyone seriously who talks that way. I hear a drawl and I automatically think you're stupid." Is there any other cultural marker in the world about which such a statement is considered acceptable? I can't think of one.

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