Monday, February 18, 2013

dan savage is a great feminist

Dan Savage is one of my favorite people (and is even better speaking than writing, if you can imagine...), and his most recent letter is a perfect example of why.
Q: What are the effects of perpetuating the myth that gay men should all be tanned and chiseled Adonises? Because that is all one sees. -Not All Adonises
A: ... [T]hose images of tanned and chiseled Adonises can do harm. But if all one sees are images of tanned and chiseled Adonises, NAA, then that’s all one is looking for. Yes, the media—gay and straight—focuses too much on the young and the hot. But if you’re not seeing gay men of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors, NAA, it’s because you’re choosing not to see them. Open your eyes.
Wow, can you imagine if this was the standard rhetoric of the shrill vocal minority of feminists who love to blow societal factors out of proportion and to fixate on trivial details that 90% of the time have nothing to do with gender in the first place, thereby undermining the credibility of valid complaints that really do deserve attention? I swear to you, as a female in a long diverse string of male-dominated cliques who has never faced a personal reason to give a single thought to gender issues and would never have thought about gender discrimination at all had it not been stuffed down my throat by a string of reactionary feminists, all that fixation is more damaging to your own cause than the original issue...


JohnRaymond said...

But have you ever met another female like yourself? -one who can stand her ground so well? What percentage of those out there are capable of this?

Vera L. te Velde said...

I'm more than averagely driven and stubborn, but anyone can choose to pick their battles carefully and develop a thick skin. That's just part of life. I'm also not sure why I would be less likely to have found myself in situations where I had to stand my ground at all. Never once happened! Quite the opposite: when I quit my job they seemed extremely worried I'd accuse them of something gender related, which completely baffled me. What could I possibly expect them to do beyond treating me equally, which they did? I didn't like the work environment, for many reasons, some of which could be blamed on the extreme gender ratio, but so what? Just wasn't my thing, and that's not anyone's fault.