Thursday, February 7, 2013

when intentions, rather than competence, rule

I'm frequently on the right-wing end of the spectrum in bay area social groups (mostly because I have the gall to believe in gains from trade and respect for individual choice.) Many people seem shocked that I'm almost as hostile to the extreme political atmosphere here as I was to the extreme political atmosphere in Oklahoma (where I was invariably on the far left-wing end of the spectrum...) How could you possibly even compare the hostility of social conservatives to the bumbling head-in-the-clouds misguidedness of many bay area progressives? they say. One leads to unconscionable persecution of minority groups; the other leads to inefficiencies in government. And yes, obviously I'd trade the former for the latter*.

But it's sentences like these...
Grant seekers were told that in the next funding cycle, they would be required — for the first time — to provide quantifiable proof their programs were accomplishing something. The room exploded with outrage. This wasn't fair. ... [A nonprofit CEO] suggested the city's funding process should actually penalize nonprofits able to measure results, so as to put everyone on an even footing. Heads nodded: This was a popular idea.

*on the relevant margin.


Anonymous said...

There you go; thinking outside the box again.

Vera L. te Velde said...

The real lesson is that, surprisingly "right-wing" etymologically refers to the right wing of the French parliament. Not, as I suspected, the right half/"wing" of the political spectrum. ("Right-wing end of the spectrum" felt a little too redundant for comfort, so I had to look this up...)

airocca said...

this is hilarious and very scary.