Tuesday, June 18, 2013

motivated reasoning

Akerlof really has a knack for describing things in a way that makes it impossible to disagree, to the point where you think the point was almost too obvious to make:
Unlike a camera film or a filing cabinet, the human mind must “choose” which stimuli to process and store and which stimuli to ignore or to repress. It is all but inevitable that this choice process involves the aims of the organism, so that its view of the world is all but inevitably biased by its aims.
From "The Economics of Illusion", Akerlof 1989. 

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JohnRaymond said...

The brain is an amazing collection of receptors, processors and analyzers (and who knows what else), hence its fascination for researchers. Linguists are trying to figure out how the mind processes language; it's still far too complex to understand fully. Let's hope if and when the day comes when we figure out how to program the brain that this knowledge stays in the right hands. Of course, crude forms of programming (brain washing, etc.) have already been used.