Sunday, July 14, 2013


Nothing makes me so mad as abusive power-tripping law enforcement. (That sentence is redundant, come to think of it...) I can't even get through most news articles about it, because I'm so quickly so angry I can't even react to it, and have to look at some lolcats to prevent the next hour from being destroyed by debilitating fury.

So imagine my surprise when, amidst stories about the NYPD planting evidence and SWAT teams entering the wrong houses without announcing themselves as required and shooting innocent people and pets just for being there and the constant slew of unnecessary force incidents and arrests of people for recording abusive law enforcement incidents (and just the fact that almost every mundane interaction with cops is exploited as an opportunity to play thug!), I read this story that actually makes me optimistic about the situation.

TL;DR: Half of the officers in a police department started wearing tiny cameras that record every interaction with citizens. The total number of complaints against the department dropped by 88% and use of force dropped by 60%.

How soon can this be ubiquitously deployed?

[Stolen from MR.]

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