Saturday, August 31, 2013

more limericks

To contribute to some poetry reading with friends last night, I wrote another (extremely dumb, but hey, I was vacuuming) limerick:

An insecure cephalopod
felt his limbs were unfortunately flawed.
Their number was nine,
which would've been fine,
but they stood out for being so odd.

And here's Matt's from a long time ago actually. Controls theory background required...

When designing adaptive control
And desiring a proof of your goal
Use Lyapunov, not Routh
Or, with sine waves at "out"
You'll end up with an infinite pole.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

more SMBC disrespect

Ok the re-do doesn't really portray economists in a nice light either but at least I got to express my frustration at the "economics isn't a science" club :)

re-SMBC part 2, 3037:

Edit: to clarify, since I have zero artistic skills, that's supposed to be the economics-as-science skeptic being cooked at the end...