Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is what I did while clicking refresh on the AEA registration website for an hour this morning. Re-SMBC part 3:


(Context and more good jokes.)


JohnRaymond said...

I love the set-up of the scene and I see the potential for humor, but ... I don't quite get it. Suppose that's because I'm a linguist.

Vera L. te Velde said...

yeah, i'm not a very funny person =p But it doesn't really stand alone, the point is the difference between it and the original (linked above).

There's not much to get, but more explicitly, two fully informed rational microeconomists walk into a bar. They know they're part of a joke (all of that caption is referencing various famous 'x walks into a bar' jokes), so they act out the joke(s), entertaining everyone. Then they remind people to optimize their consumption within their budget set, increasing the utility of everyone around. So everyone likes them.