Friday, September 20, 2013

sociology-economics phrasebook

This is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen. [HT MR]


need                                                 want
is correlated with                            is correlated with
determines                                       is correlated with
causes                                             is correlated with
crosstabs                                         non-parametric regression
empirical work                                crosstabs
structural analysis                            OLS regression
sophisticated structural analysis      logit model
endogenous                                     endogenous
exogenous                                        endogenous
model (I)                                           explanation
model (II)                                         diagram involving circles and arrows
exploitation                                      contract
discrimination                                  wage differential

Ok ok I'll stop before I quote the whole thing. TOO good. (And entirely true! I kept reading sociology papers with "model" in the title/abstract hoping they would have something useful to say about my models, since, you know, it seemed like a good idea not to be completely out of the loop on what sociology says about my very sociological economics dissertation, but the best I ever found was the diagram with circles and arrows...)

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