Monday, January 6, 2014

non-economic notes from AEA

  1. These are some of the best things I've ever spent $12 on. Squish-into-briefcase-able waterproof black comfortable dashing-through-the-snow shoes!
  2. Economist frugality has gone too far when they schedule the largest annual meeting in a place like Philadelphia in January instead of giving people an excuse to go somewhere they actually WANT to go. 
  3. The interviews I was most intimidated by were the most fun, overall.
  4. I'm an easy sell. Or just getting pretty good at focusing on the good sides to each job possibility. After just about every single interview I told Matt "hey such and such place could be really great! listen to this!"
  5. I'm officially cured of my hesitation regarding 5-hour energy drinks. They're gross, but do the job.
  6. One of those, along with 72 ounces of redbull, 2 liters and 3 cans of diet coke, and two excedrin, definitely set a personal record for caffeine consumption over three days... Someone better hire me, at least so I have health insurance for when my kidneys fail.
  7. Not all interviews start with "So tell us about your job market paper." "So how's your Portuguese?" wasn't anywhere on the list of questions to prepare for...
  8. And "Hi, I'm X, from Y College. I'm the economics department." was an entertainingly creative introduction. (And literally true.)
  9. I am almost physically averse to describing my job market paper in 3-5 minutes a single additional time. By the end of day one it was in such rote form that I knew exactly which phrases I changed between iterations.
  10. As a result, I probably sounded even more like a manic overly-caffeinated nerveball with speech set to "fast forward". Who hadn't slept in a week.
  11. Football (which I already like normally) is way more fun when your brain is too fried to think any other thoughts. Maybe that's also why its entertainment value is correlated with beer intake. And why certain people think it's anticorrelated with, er, intellectualism, although I strongly disagree - they just don't know how much awesome strategy and statistics are involved. (Go Niners!)
  12. Now I know what old people who say funny things like "this cold weather is bad for my hip" mean. Within about a mile of speed-walking through the snow in 15 degree weather I'd aggravated both running injuries that I'd thought were long gone.
  13. Cheese steaks are pretty good but a far inferior local specialty food compared to Mission burritos, New York pizza, Chicago pizza, döner kebabs, Buffalo wings, or southern BBQ (any variety).
  14. Utz pretzels on the other hand...Yum.
  15. In naps on two flights, overnight in an airport, and on my couch this afternoon, I've dreamed about nothing except email conversations scheduling flyouts with schools or receiving rejection news, disaster striking on flyouts, getting good news from schools I'm particularly excited about and then waking up to realize it didn't happen.... I expect to be an insomniac for awhile until signing a job offer.
  16. My Chinese fortune cookie said "Investigate the new opportunity that will soon become an option". Ten minutes later I was invited to Santiago, Chile :D
  17. Speaking of Chile, why on earth did people settle North America when South America and Australia were available? Have you seen pictures of Chile, or the climate averages? Yeah yeah I know the real reasons, but still.
  18. I'm a little ashamed at being so happy to receive a miniature travel iron for Christmas. I'm a devout believer in Downy wrinkle releaser and in NOT putting so much effort into superficial things like creases (which I don't know how to do properly anyway). Oh well, hopefully I'm sending the right combination of "cares about this interview enough to worry about the superficial things" and "too excited about and wrapped up in research to care about it normally" signals.
  19. They say the post-interviews waiting period is the hardest, but I don't know why, because I plan to sleep through almost all of it. Perpetual interview nightmares and all. Goodnight.

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Rebecca te Velde said...

Wow, this was just the perfect update I was hoping for--so entertaining and informative!!! Congratulations on surviving it all (and on the newest flyout!!), and I hope you can decaffeinate enough to start sleeping again!