Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Sudoku gets boring very quickly, but there are two other new types of puzzles that use very similar reasoning processes, the satisfying sort of mostly-algorithmic thinking that brains love, that seem much more fun. But they're hard to find. So someone please write a good generator for them :)

The first are regular expression crosswords. Beyond that introductory site, this is the only really good one I've found. So. much. fun.

The second comes from the wonderful NYT Numberplay column. It's called Combonoku, and like Sudoku involves putting numbers in certain allowable combinations. Maybe I liked it so much because there was only one hard one to work through so it didn't have a chance to get boring, but I guess I'll have to wait until one of you writes a generator for them to find out.


Unknown said...

May I recommend Calcudoku? www.calcudoku.org
It's sudoku where, for each variously shaped region, you're given an arithmetic operation (+,-,*,/) and the final result. The site above has a wide range of new puzzles every day, from very easy to extremely difficult

Unknown said...

Also, not related to sudoku at all, but a great time waster nonetheless - The Great Language Game. http://greatlanguagegame.com/
You listen to a short radio clip in a foreign language and have to guess what language it is from several choices. Extremely fascinating

Vera L. te Velde said...

oh calcudoku sounds really fun, thanks! yeah I love the great language game :) and the google street view game.