Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I seem to have reached a point where I have such a long list of things I want to blog about that all I can manage to do is keep adding things to the list. So maybe this quick link I want to share will somehow open the dam? Or something.

This article about politicization (what happens when a new subtle issue arises and somehow instantaneously views on that issue become perfectly correlated with political party, and are stuck there forever regardless of any new logic or evidence or circumstances) is fantastic. Go read it.

I have nothing to add that wasn't said, except a plea to individually stop falling for the following (from the last paragraph):
Daily Kos or someone has a little label saying “supports liberal ideas”, but actually their incentive is to make liberals want to click on their pages and ads. If the quickest way to do that is by writing story after satisfying story of how dumb Republicans are, and what wonderful taste they have for being members of the Blue Tribe instead of evil mutants, then they’ll do that even if the effect on the entire system is to make Republicans hate them and by extension everything they stand for.
Doesn't matter which side I'm on on an issue, I can't stand it when bad "science" (i.e. usually nothing that any scientist would call science, rather some anecdote that a science-illiterate journalist picked up that proves absolutely nothing), makes it to a clickbaity headline that everyone from one tribe (and no one from the other) will look at.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jean Tirole (and Roland Bénabou)

For a good time, I read Bénabou and Tirole papers*. Even though the Nobel was given for an entirely different kind of work than what Jean does with Roland, I'm very happy to see him win it; ditto to Tyler Cowen's "A theory prize! A rigor prize!" :)

Greatest hits (by my nebulous "fun papers to read" metric, and not in any particular order):
*Well, I used to until I ran out of them. C'mon guys, when's the next sequel?