Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oz makes it to the NFL

I guess I have a new prime minister? Some day maybe I'll understand how that works. I sure like the lack of two years of ridiculous campaign nonsense though.

In other news, if this Australian live-commentary of American football were decorated with kitten gifs it would be my favorite thing on the whole internet. Can we please have this for every game?

Highlights include:

  • Well - roll on here, the 49ers. Easily over the ten yards they have to get with each hut-hut action.
  • First and 20, a lot. Quarterback fakes to throw, fakes again, runs over the line of scrimmage and falls onto his tummy lest anyone hurt him. You’d be teased in rugby league and penalised. 
  • So old mate gets another kick ... and Ellington goes all the way for 85 yards but there are flags on the play again... we’ll have a look, the refs are talking to each other, there are a lot of them, it’s a committee meeting, and ... first down? Who knows. Illegal block? We’re going to have another break. But I’d say: no touchdown. Exciting stuff, however. 
  • Bridgewater scoots over the gain line and hits the deck so no-one hurts him. Oh ... has he made it? The refs bring out a giant stick thing with a circle on top, and they’re measuring the play .. and he’s got it. First down, Teddy B. Top stuff. 
  • Bruce Ellington takes a fair catch, which is a rule, and everyone swaps, a whole other team comes on, and we have a break. And here we are. 
  • Oh, no break between quarters? There is that. 
  • Teddy Bridgewater has been solid without being the reincarnation of ... oh here we go, who? Joe Namath. I’m going with Joe Namath. But he’s been good Teddy. 
  • (Generally lots of righto's, top stuffs, thanks mates, etc.) 

The reason for it is Australian Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne's debut in the NFL for the 49er's. I'll have to watch out for more of him this season.

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