Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thanks UT Austin!

Daniel Hamermesh, one of my very favorite economics bloggers, is heading to Australia, at least in part due to concerns over campus carry legislation at his current institution in Texas. Thanks Texas!

I wonder whether his UT colleague Max Stinchcombe, who visited UQ most of last year, told him how nice Australia is. Word of mouth may also being playing a role at Berkeley: four Berkeley Econ graduates in three years (and counting, I hope) have crossed the pond.

(I mean, frankly I'm surprised it's not higher; doesn't Australia seem like a better option than being forced out of California after 6 years of learning to appreciate a good climate and the great outdoors?)

Also: I really love to see voting-with-your-feet in action.


Mr. Colby said...

Seems an odd criterion on which to base a change of continent. What is his estimated increased-probability-of-bad-things-happening due to this policy? Gotta be tiny. Either he was already virtually indifferent between the two positions or this is a fairly extreme case of virtue signaling.

Unknown said...

Seems that his preferences on lottery space are not continuous. Maybe they are lexicographic?