Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Certified Random

Yay! I love it. For obvious reasons.

Explanation for non-economists: Economics has a very unusual tradition of listing authors in alphabetical order by last name, which is nice in the sense that it obviates squabbling, but is not nice in the sense that authors with last names from the end of the alphabet end up being forgotten or lost in the "et al." or are less willing to coauthor in the first place. This has been shown to be significant. The paper above suggests randomizing author ordering and putting an ® symbol at the end of the list to indicate that order was randomized.

The paper points out the excellent feature of this trend which is that it can invade the current norm in a decentralized way, and doesn't even have to take over as the norm to be helpful. It preserves nonsquabbling and other nice attributes of alphabetical ordering but spreads the benefits around. What the authors don't mention, though, is that the decision to use random ordering may itself be a source of squabbling or at least tension. Aaron Aaronson has no incentive to suggest it, while Zach Zeno might not want to suggest it for fear of seeming petty. We'll see what happens.

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