Sunday, July 1, 2018

civility; furthermore respect

I can't possibly agree more with Tyler's recommendations regarding civility. Read the whole thing; it's short!

One highlight I want to comment on, especially for the sake of reiterating the point that civility is tactically smart, is:
[T]he Left is picking more issues that, whatever you think of them, don’t have as much upside with the American public, such as say bathrooms in North Carolina or the abolition of all profit.  The Left is a lot “less cool” than it likes to think, which militates in favor of civility, if for no other than tactical reasons.
After Trump was elected there were gazillions of think pieces on what the left failed to understand about the right. That's all well and good* but looking inward and realizing "you're a lot less cool than you think" would have been more useful.

Tyler's 7th rule of thumb for proper civility is also another reason I'm blogging less** nowadays. Things that are angering disproportionately motivate me to stop what I'm doing and blog now. But I'm generally a really positive and optimistic person and I don't want my blog to be such a skewed representation. And, again, it's not helpful even if it were a true representation.


* so long as you're not doing so in search of reasons to deplore your opposition.
** but perhaps more now that I've set up my favorite RSS feeds to be delivered to my email... we'll see.